Monday, June 30, 2014

What to Remodel before Selling Your House

One of the most efficient ways to quickly push your home through the market and into a buyer’s hands is to spruce it up through remodeling. Make sure that you can easily recoup in the selling price what you’ll be shelling out to pay your home builders or remodelers for. Here are some tips:

Many prospective buyers will decide to either purchase your home or not based on how efficient your kitchen is. A crammed kitchen that doesn’t even allow for easy mobility can belittle even the most perfect-looking living room or bedroom. You should also remodel for cleanliness, because a dirty kitchen makes for unhealthy living.
If buyers look to your kitchen for functionality, they will look into your bathroom for cleanliness. Replace cabinets, walls and countertops with lighter colors to emphasize this point. Moreover, install air vents or ducts to facilitate the removal of odors and harmful fumes. Make sure that every fixture works, especially your toilet bowl.

Consider applying a fresh coat of paint on your home exterior. Before you do this though, you might want to have the entire surface of your home’s exterior pressure washed. Your paint will be basically all for naught if the surface you’re putting it on is rough and coated with dirt.

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