Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Different Phases of a Construction Project

Before hiring a general contractor to work on your home construction, it helps to have at least basic knowledge of the construction process. Besides buying materials and the actual construction, there are several other phases to consider, including designing and planning, securing the necessary permits, and job scheduling. Each plays a crucial role in the successful completion of the project in time.

Designing and planning refers to the drawing and analysis of the features of the building you specified. They may look plain and simple in your imagination but to an architect or engineer, it comes in complex details that have to be properly laid out on paper following existing building codes. This phase may take a while depending on the size of the project and features of the structure.

Since a construction project will likely involve massive tasks like excavation and material delivery, not to mention potential noise that can disturb your neighbors, you’ll have to obtain the necessary permits for it first. A building permit is normally issued by the engineering department of the city or town where the construction work will be done.

When all documents and preparations are done, it’s time for the actual construction to take place. Considering that the construction project may take several weeks or months to finish, the contractor will have to create a well-defined schedule of tasks. Workers are normally given specific tasks that they have to finish throughout the day in relation to a weekly goal.

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